ox_holy_crap (ox_holy_crap) wrote,


Have u ever lived my life?
spent one minute in my shoes?
If u havent then tell me why
u judge me as u do.

Have u ever woken up in the morning
wondering if this was ur last day on earth?
have u ever left ur house
unsure if u'd return?

Have u ever seen ur friend get shot
outside ur favorite store?
have u ever seen a friend die?
from drugshe'd never use before?

Have u ever seen ur mom get beat up
by ur step-dad messed up on booze?
Have u ever had and unwanted pregnancy
forcing u to choose?

Have u ever sat bebeth the stars
hoping god will hear?

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    I am a P.O.ed little BIOTCHHHHHH. <3 lol Do you think People are mean or is it JUST ME?¿?¿?¿?¿ ♥

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